Institute Information

The LSA has sponsored the Linguistic Institute since 1928, when the first program was organized by Edgar Sturtevant at Yale University. The purpose of the Institute is to “provide advanced training in linguistics that is not readily available through the regular course offerings of any single academic institution.” Over the years, the Institute has been held at a diverse array of universities and colleges, primarily in the U.S. but occasionally outside North America. We are excited the 2017 Linguistic Institute will be hosted here at the University of Kentucky!

2017 Linguistic Institute Committee

  • Andrew Hippisley - Co-Director 
  • Rusty Barrett - Co-Director 
  • Kevin McGowan - Assistant Director 
  • Jo Mackby - Assistant Director 
  • Travis McKenzie - Project Management
  • Karlos Arregi - Associate Director (University of Chicago)
  • Alan Yu - Associate Director  (University of Chicago)
  • Robin Queen - External Director (University of Michigan)

Institute Contact Information

Phone #: 859-257-4964

Mailing Address:

University of Kentucky, College of Arts and Sciences
Attn: 2017 Linguistic Institute
202 Patterson Office Tower
Lexington, KY 40506-0027


See the Contact Us page for more information.

Who to ask for help?

During the first week, our Institute organizers and interns will be wearing easily identifiable Institute t-shirts:

Yellow t-shirts = Institute Interns
Feel free to ask the Institute interns any questions you have. If interns don’t know, they will be able to find the answers.

Green t-shirts = Institute organizers.
These are the people who have been most involved in the Institute planning and can ultimately answer most questions.