Course time: 
Tuesday/Friday 9:00-10:50 AM
The 90, Room 203

Dictionaries are reference books we use for a variety of purposes, such as for learning foreign languages, checking the meaning of a word in our native language, or even for crossword puzzles and games. In such cases, dictionaries are commonly perceived as having a certain authority. But how do words enter a dictionary, who decides and what is an adequate definition of a word?

The course “Lexicography” aims to make aware of such theoretical and practical processes surrounding dictionaries. Central topics include the role dictionaries play in our society, the manifold forms or types of dictionaries, the information we can find in dictionaries, dictionary making with the latest technology, and how such issues have changed substantially with digital dictionaries. Additionally, questions of marketing, user behavior or ethical aspects are addressed and how users influence dictionary making, by selecting the resources (i.e. print, digital, via web page or app) and contributing to dictionaries themselves. In doing that, the course should give participants a thorough understanding of current trends, questions and concepts in lexicography.