Scripting with Praat

Course time: 
Tuesday/Friday 9:00-10:50 AM
JSB 114

This course introduces key concepts and best practices in Praat scripting for linguists. Building upon a basic knowledge of Praat, we will explore how scripting can greatly increase the efficiency and consistency of our work, reducing mind-numbing repetition and allowing analysis of large datasets while simultaneously acting as a detailed record of research methodology.

The course will begin with a brief review of the fundamentals of Praat combined with an introduction to simple scripting. We will quickly move into more complicated details of the scripting language, learning both how to write our own scripts and how to evaluate scripts written by others.

To the extent possible, the focus will be on learning by doing, with numerous in-class exercises. Basic knowledge of phonetics and Praat will be assumed. Participants may prepare for the course by reading and practicing the material from the Intro to the Praat help manual.