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Gregory Stump

University of Kentucky

Short Bio: 
Gregory Stump is a professor of linguistics in the University of Kentucky’s English department. He has been on UK’s faculty since 1983, and served for fifteen years as director of UK’s Linguistics Program. His research has focused on formal semantics and, in recent years, on morphological theory. His four research monographs include The Semantic Variability of Absolute Constructions (Reidel, 1985); Inflectional Morphology: A Theory of Paradigm Structure (Cambridge University Press, 2001); Morphological Typology: From Word to Paradigm (Cambridge University Press, 2013—co-authored with Raphael A. Finkel [Computer Science]); and Inflectional Paradigms: Content and Form at the Syntax-Morphology Interface (Cambridge University Press, 2016). He is one of three co-editors of the journal Word Structure (Edinburgh University Press) and has been elected as a Fellow of the Linguistic Society of America (Class of 2017).