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Tanya K. Christensen

University of Copenhagen

Short Bio: 
Tanya Karoli Christensen, (Ph.D., Roskilde University) is an Associate Professor at the Dept for Nordic Studies and Linguistics, University of Copenhagen. The theoretical foundation for her research is functional grammar combined with variationist sociolinguistics. In her current research, she performs multivariate analyses of epistemic and discourse markers, and of word order in subclauses. Her recent involvement in the field of forensic linguistics is a direct extension of her previous research interests in that it applies methods and concepts from semantics, pragmatics, sociolinguistics and corpus linguistics to any type of linguistic data in legal cases. She teaches forensic linguistics at both BA and MA levels, and consults for police and private clients. She has recently begun testifying on cases--one of the first linguists to ever do so in Denmark
Research interests: 
functional linguistics
discourse markers
word order